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By | March 25, 2014

AED Plus ® Trainer2 Complete Simulation Control at the Instructor’s Fingertips The ZOLL® AED Plus Trainer2 allows CPR and first aid instructors to have students experience

LIFEPAK® 500T AED training system Upgrade Information What’s changing with the 500T? Changes mimic the changes made to the actual LIFEPAK® 500 AEDs.

DCF-350T Standalone Trainer Package DCF-302T Training Package for the Defibtech Lifeline AED DCF-303T Training Package w/remote for Defibtech Lifeline AED DAC-310E Defibtech to Zoll M-series DAC-310E DAC-300E DTR-201 DTR-400 DBP-RC2

Instructions Created By VR Industries on 9/21/07 Page 2 of 8 Remove lid Push in tabs for battery pack cover. Remove cover. Remove batteries from the unit.

1008-0113-01 Zoll AED Plus Trainer Remote Replace remote, allows user to control trainer from a distance $135.00 $150.00 9650-0304-01 Zoll AED Plus Trainer Operators Guide Replacement instructions $9.00 $10.00

ZOLL AED Plus ZOLL AED Pro: Ease of Use Available Modes: Semi Auto & Fully Auto Semi Auto & Manual: Semi Auto Semi Auto: training battery pack) that allows you to “convert” your live AED into a trainer. Most manufacturers also

ZOLL AED Plus Accessories and Training Products AED Plus Trainer Allows students to practice realistic device operation using AHA recommended training scenarios.

The AED Trainer will turn itself off. 5) The next time the trainer is turned on it will follow the shock protocol you selected. References: Please refer to your LIFEPAK 500T training system Operating Instructions for set-up procedures to program a custom shock protocol

Part Number: Description Part Status 001851-U AED Trainer – Adult Training Pads (1 pair) – Use With AED10 Trainer Only Distributed by ZOLL Medical

LIFEPAK ® CR-T Automated External Defibrillator Training System Dynamic and versatile training tool Simulates the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED in appearance

CPR/AED Use Drill . Introduction . Doing a practice drill for your cardiac Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is the best way When the real AED arrives, the observer gives them the AED trainer to use and encourages the rescuer to carry on as if this were a real arrest situation.

20-9-4.6. AED trainer immunity. Any person who provides AED training is immune from civil liability for any personal injury that occurs as a result of emergency care or treatment rendered using

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