AED Training Instructions

By | February 2, 2014

Automated external defibrillators are swiftly becoming an essential piece of medical technology for use in first aid. An AED is able to analyse a persons heart rate in an emergency situation to determine if they have a condition that can be counteracted with an electric shock to the heart. An AED will advise the user to stand clear and an electric shock will be applied to the patient, activated either by a touch of a button or automatically dependant on the model. The key advantage to this technology is that it allows people with minimal understanding to be able to successfully administer an electric shock which can save a persons life.

The automated external defibrillator, also known as an AED defibrillator, is the size of a large notebook computer. Weighing only a few pounds, it can mean the difference between life and death for a cardiac arrest victim. By definition, this event is unexpected. But we can plan for it, and the presence of the AED Defibrillator can be crucial.

The Benefits Of Learning Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Training

Initial “Heartsaver” CPR-AED training course will take approximately four hours with certification valid for two years. State regulations also require that individuals conduct quarterly “refresher” review training (we sponsor hour-long sessions quarterly).

And AED training to first responders or other employees. It is presented in a self-paced online format which can be accessed anytime. The online portion (Part 1) is followed by a hands-on skills session (Part 2) and skills test (Part 3) with an AHA BLS or

Proposal for CPR/AED training. Staff, ushers, vestry and a member (or two) from each group that meets at the church will be highly encouraged to participate (unless medically contraindicated)

Company/Agency Requirements (AED Service Provider) Required by The Lay Rescuer shall maintain current CPR and AED training State Title 22, Div 9, Ch1.8

Initial AED training will be scheduled by the AED Program Coordinator through HR & RM with the assistance of the participating County Departments. 2. AED Program Coordinator will coordinate with Department AED Coordinators to

LIFEPAK 500T AED Training System Operating Instructions 3012699 International Identification Cards (for soft case) 3012608 International Control Panel Labels 3012609 International Handle Labels 3012610. LIFEPAK 500T AED TRAINING SYSTEM Operating Instructions 27

DAC-515E Rev. B 1 Introduction to Defibtech AED Training Products Defibtech offers two equipment options for training students in the use of its

Example, AED Training Pads cannot deliver a therapeutic shock) Supported Models This Trainer approximates the function of the following Cardiac Science Corporation AED models: For detailed operation instructions for a specific rescue AED model,

LIFEPAK® CR–T AED Trainer After receiving the LIFEPAK CR–T AED Trainer, carefully remove the Trainer and the operating instructions from the

D. Speaker — Delivers voice instructions from the AED Trainer 3. Speaker volume can be adjusted with the remote control or set in the device configuration. and connect the training pads. Instructions for each of these tasks follow.

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