AED Training Simulator

By | May 17, 2014

ZOLL AED Plus Accessories and Training Products AED Plus Trainer Allows students to practice realistic device operation using AHA recommended training scenarios.

The brand of AED training simulator used in an OFA or OFA equivalent course may be different from the brand of AED found in a workplace. Just as for any piece of equipment, the worker must be trained in the use of the equipment and

Spond to your particular AED unit. These LF03961U Zoll Training Cables with Adapters LF03962U Physio Control Training and Patient Simulator Adapter Package LF03961U Zoll Training Cables with Adapters LF03962U Physio Control Training

ROM with AED manual, training video, RescueLink & MDLink; (1) 9053-005 Electrode Adapter ZOLL® SYSTEM $44.22 9021-003 AED Simulator $317.64 9035-004 Adult Training Pads (one pair) for use with Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Trainer

Zoll AED Plus CPR Support Comprehensive CPR coaching instructions, with Training Pads Cartridge No, separate trainer required Yes, with CPR-D Demo Pad and Simulator Battery Type IntelliSense lithium battery Lithium manganese dioxide batteries encased in Pad-Pak

ZOLL AED Plus. This is the latest FDA-approved automated external defibrillator Adult CPR Simulator. Training software for challenging the clinical skills of adult CPR. MERT participants are taught to use an Automated External Defibrillator.

AED manual, training video, RescueLink & MDLink); (1) IR AED Patient Simulator with 3-lead Terminals Adult Training Pads (one pair) Electrode Adapter: Connects Cardiac Science AED Pads to ZOLL® Defibrillators Electrode Cable:

The Real CPR Help ® Travel Trainer combines a simulated torso, CPR-D-padz , and a simulator in one easy-to-transport, easy-to-use package for demonstrating and practicing the use of Real CPR Help. capacity of the AED during demonstration or training.

AED training device/rhythm simulator with pediatric AED training pads (recommended one AED training device per two participants) – 2 – _____ American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED Program Child AED Outline Breathing

The Remote Controller lights indicate the current training settings while the Trainer2 simulates the actual AED Plus behavior. Do not attempt to plug AED Plus or AED Pro simulator into connector of Trainer2. This device is for training only.

The Training Simulator is an easy to use training tool that allows practice in working with an AED and defibrillation procedures. NOTE: The Training Simulator is intending for training and sales demo purposes only. Not for equipment testing or verification.

20060 Manikin LittleAnne AED Training System 20050 Manikin AED Little Anne Softpack/Mat Pale Skin LT-00041 Wound Closure Training Pad Large LF00856 Simulator Female Catheterisation 50047 Wound BSS Traumatic AR331 Manikin Hungry

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