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By | May 16, 2014

Undergraduates in the MARC and COR Programs: Career Level. Stipend for FY 2012. Freshmen/Sophomores : $8,304 . Juniors/Seniors : $11,628 . Predoctoral and Postdoctoral: Career Level: Years of Experience. Stipend for FY 2012: Predoctoral . $22,032 : All . Postdoctoral : $39,264 . 0 : 1 .

U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs Manual Volume 14 Handbook 3—Acquisition Career Management Program 14 FAH-3 H-330 Page 2 of 7 14 FAH-3 H-332 LEVEL I: JUNIOR

SCEP – VA Participating with Institutions of Higher Education With facilities in every state, VA has a broad range of student career experience programs that are based primarily on the

Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) Formally known as the Co-Op program, SCEP employs students in occupations related to their field of study and offers non-competitive conversion to Career, Career Conditional or Term employment upon successful completion of their academic program.

Success for Student Career Experience Program Intern by Ms. Ashley Wuytens, Public Affairs Intern, DCMA Public Affairs N early three years after reporting to work for the Defense Contract Management

Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) Purpose To provide students a planned, progressive career related employment program which

Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) SCEP offers valuable work experience directly related to your field of study. It provides formal periods of work and study while you are attending school. Participation in the program requires a commitment by

COR – Contracting Officer’s Representative Module. USERS GUIDE. August 2012 Table of Contents. INTRODUCTION. 3. HOME PAGE. 3. Field and Level of Certification drop down listings and provide for free text fields to for the COR to enter in their Career Experience and Career Experience

Acquisition Career Manager (ACM) (Department-Level) Level I – 8 hours of training and no experience required. This level of COR is generally appropriate for low-risk contract vehicles, Contracting Officer’s Representative Course 40

3 – Updates the DACM Database to reflect the new certification level. – Forwards a copy of the signed ACRB to the individual. – Includes copy of signed ACRB in the Career Management Information File

Acquisition Workforce includes professionals in various career fields and certification is program management via training and experience. This level sets the foundation for career progression that will COR Mentor Program

Representative (COR/COTR • Your Professional and Career Development • Procurement Ethics • Senior Leadership on at least 1 year of cont racting experience after Level II certification Precourse

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