CPR AED Certification In Las Vegas

By | May 2, 2014

If AED (such as a prop) is available anywhere that you state “Get AED if available” Can you still use CPR in the problem, and if so, will the team need to use manikin or simulate? CPR can only be in the Skill station problem. 14.

Title: Links to ACLS/PALS/Healthcare Provider BLS/CPR Author: Teresa Haynes Created Date: 9/19/2012 1:30:44 PM

¾ Professionals Rescuer CPR/AED 2 year certification National Safety Council

• Pediatric CPR, AED, and First Aid* *Certification must be accompanied by a Recognition of Participation in the corresponding ASHI training program approved by the New York State Department of Health EMS Safety Services Inc. • Basic First Aid

Possession of required CPR/AED certification administered by Emergency Skills Inc ELIGIBILITY: New York City Department of Education license as a Teacher SELECTION CRITERIA: Satisfactory rating in current teaching position for past 3 years

(meets FA & CPR certification) c. NYS First Aid for Coaches 3. NYS DOH/Bureau of Emergency Medical Services: a. Certified First Responder (meets FA & CPR certification) 4. National Safety Council: a. Advanced First Aid, CPR & AED (meets FA & CPR certification) *ADULT CARDIOPULMONARY

Resuscitation/Automated External Defibrillator (CPR/AED) in each school building/annex, etc., AED Drills The NYC DOE contracted AED vendor will conduct How long is CPR/AED certification valid for?

Rev 08/10/cc STUDENT RESOURCES FOR CPR CERTIFICATION (Healthcare Provider is the required card) Effective Spring 2010 we will not accept any other CPR Card than the Healthcare Provider one.

Intravenous (IV) Certification Courses IV Certification for the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Heartsaver CPR & Automated External Defibrillator (AED) First Aid Advanced Cardiac Life Support growth of healthcare agencies in the Las Vegas Valley

EMS Subspecialty Certification – Survival rates were doubled in the CPR+AED group – A trial conducted under the 1996 “Final Rule” with

Activate the EMS (call 911). Get the AED if available and return to the victim If second rescuer is available send them to get help and the AED As soon as the AED gives the shock, immediately resume CPR, starting with chest compressions . Center for Professional Practice of Nursing

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Advanced CPR/AED certification Project Experience: DMA Claims, Las Vegas, Nevada Line of Sight Analysis Complete an analysis of local law enforcement’s computer monitoring systems interior

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