Infant CPR Video

By | May 9, 2014

Program Video for adult, child, and infant CPR. Instructors have a choice to use this option when practicing these skills. Regardless of the method used to practice, Instructors must still evaluate for the competent performance of skills to issue a certifica –

In the past, AHA materials for infant CPR taught rescuers to maintain a hand on the forehead of the infant • Course video focuses on practice and skill demonstrations and features fewer dramatizations • Course video navigation now includes all chapter listings

The American Heart Association incorporates the following learning objectives into their CPR courses designed for the general public and schools and suggests inclusion of these objectives in any Given an infant CPR manikin and playing video demonstration, perform chest pushes to meet

In honor of National CPR Week, the American Heart Association is calling on video at Once you have learned CPR, give 5 people you care about the power child and infant • CPR with an advanced airway*

©2011, American Heart Association. Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED is a classroom, video-based, instructor-led course that teaches students critical skills needed to respond • Optional modules in child CPR and AED use and infant CPR

Course Title: American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR child, or infant. Overview: Heart attack, drowning, electric shocks, and other problems may cause a victim’s heart to • Video • Practical

AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION BLS FOR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER STUDY GUIDE . ADULT CPR (1 and 2 Rescuer) CHILD CPR (1 Rescuer) INFANT CPR (1 Rescuer) CHILD and INFANT CPR (2 Rescuers) Shake victim, or Tap and . Shout “Are you OK?” Shake victim, or Tap and . Shout “Are you OK?” Shake or tap

☐Pediatric F/A ☐Child/Infant CPR ☐Adult CPR ☐Written Exam ☐Asthma Care Video _____ _____ BLS Healthcare Provider _____ BLS Instructor ($15.00 fee) Please mark completed modules as necessary. roster so we can track your student : faculty ratios I

VIDEO AND SKILL SESSION—INFANT INSTRUCTION: Watch then Practice VISUAL AID: 1. DVD or Presentation Slides A.18–A.19 2. Pediatric Ready Reference Card CPR—Infant. Time: 15 minutes 20 First Aid/CPR/AED | Instructor’s Manual. TOPIC: SHOCK

Providing First Aid & Handling Emergencies: First Aid for Choking, Rescue Breathing, And CPR Chapter 35, Lesson 3 Target Group: 8th grade students

First Aid Video Clips ADULT Handsonly CPR CHILD CPR

The ASHI CPR Pro Program Video provides a visual learning tool to accomplish the learning objectives. It – Infant CPR training manikins (6:1 maximum student-to-manikin ratio) – AED training devices and training pads

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